Lodge-to-Hut Snowshoeing in New Hampshire

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Photo: Snowshoeing in New Hampshire

Looking for a winter weekend getaway that’s au naturale? The Appalachian Mountain Club is launching a set of naturalist-led snowshoeing and cross-country skiing trips in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  Excursions are available for all skill levels; one of the treks is specially designed for families with kids aged ten or older.

Spend a night at the new Highland Center or rustic Joe Dodge Lodge before hoofing it to one of eight backcountry mountain huts, “a focal point of our work to protect alpine and forest ecosystems, maintain trails, and promote the use of renewable energy,” says AMC’s website.

Just $170 per adult ($187 for non-members) includes meals, accommodations, and snowshoes. A glance at TripAdvisor tells us that the huts are popular with hikers. Contributor dd55 offers this tip:

Let me suggest you take advantage of the hiker shuttle the AMC runs. For a nominal fee, park your car where you want to come out and then take the shuttle back to your trailhead. Very convenient. The shuttle schedule is available here.

If that sounds to your liking, you could follow a route that includes three AMC huts. Start at Zealand, go to Galehead, and then on to Greenleaf. This route provides a nice mix interesting flat land, high peaks and unforgettable ridge walking. You never forget your first time on a ridge above treeline.

There are plenty of spots, including at least one AMC tent site, to pitch a tent. And as first timers, you will probably welcome the huts as little havens along the way. I know I did.

We’re looking forward to getting a chance to strap on snowshoes and find out for ourselves. Know other great mountain trail trips? Let us know in the comments below.


Photo: Mike Kautz

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