Philly: Getting Tipsy Just Got Easier


Finding your way to the next bar on a bar-hopping venture through any city can get difficult after a few drinks. But the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation just made our tipsy lives a little easier.

Introducing Philly’s BYOB interactive map, a Google map detailing 130 of the city’s more than 200 BYOBs (bring-your-own-bottle restaurants). Just select a neighborhood, click on a bottle, and an information bubble pops up that details basic restaurant info as well as the location of the nearest liquor store.

In the Fairmount/Art Museum Area, for example, Figs (2501 Meredith Street; 215-978-8440) appears with the following blurb: “Chef/owner Mustapha Rouissiya’s global cuisine and quaint dining room are dressed up with authentic Moroccan accents. Mediterranean, Moroccan. Cash only. Reservations accepted [Nearest Liquor Store: 1935 Fairmount Avenue].” After picking which restaurants you’d like to try during your Philly visit, you can send the information right to your phone.

If you ask IT, you’d think Philly wants us to get drunk!

Photos: GPTMC


  1. Mark Schoneveld
    December 3, 2007, 4:16 pm

    And don’t forget my show! The Illadates Show is where Audrey and I take you on short, inexpensive dating tours of different neighborhoods in Philly. Come on over and share some love!

  2. cara schneider
    December 3, 2007, 2:16 pm

    Philly here! Thanks for singing the praises of our BYOB map. But, trust us, this is a tool for the responsible diner/drinker. We want our visitors to remember every detail of the adorable BYOB they chose and the Pennsylvania wine they drank with dinner — was it Va La’s Le Prima Donna, or was it Chaddsford’s Naked Chardonnay?
    Luckily, getting to Philadelphia restaurants is easy, with subway, bus and taxi service available throughout the city. Of course, walking the city’s easy-to-navigate streets is the best way to get from place to place.