Indulge at Philly’s Beer Week

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Oh, Philadelphia, always trying to get us drunk.* But as the place that bills itself as the “best beer-drinking city in America” and keeps a beer reporter nicknamed “Joe Sixpack” on its newspaper staff (who penned the great line “The new Miller Lite: The Kenny G of beers”), it’s not hard to see why they’re eager to ply us with spirits. So if you consider yourself a fan of the ales, pils, lagers, and stouts, clear your schedule from March 7-16th to check out Philly’s first annual “Beer Week.”

The ten-day beer extravaganza has over 120 events that cater to the variety of beer enthusiasts: those interested in pairing beers with dinner, out-geeking the competition in a beer tasting contest, dessert lovers (like us) who are interested in incorporating beer into their sweets, and visitors looking to sample the many locally brewed beverages.

For a preview of what’s in store, you can even watch videos featuring Joe Sixpack himself leading the lucky cameraperson through the town’s many taverns. All of which is getting us thirsty.

Read more: IT has had to raise our glasses numerous times in the name of research. We trekked along the Eco-Brew trail, went to the source for some Belgian brews, and left on a microbrew pilgrimage.

*Just kidding – we love the City of love and all of its responsible drinkers!

Image: Philadelphia Beer Week


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