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Photo: fireworks

As a recent arrival in DC, I’m looking forward to celebrating Independence Day in the nation’s capital, the symbolic home of American democracy. Since last year’s Fourth found me trying to locate hot dogs (unsuccessfully) in a South African grocery store, this year I’m planning on going all out for some traditional July Fourth fun—parades, a barbeque, fireworks (of course), and enough John Phillip Sousa to fulfill my quota of rousing patriotic music for the entire year. But for those of you less interested in fireworks and red meat than I, a few alternatives:

Creede, Colorado celebrates the Fourth and hosts the Colorado State Mining Championships at the same time, making for interesting combinations of parades, fireworks, spike driving, tomahawk throwing, and single jack drilling.

Kids and families in Yachats, Oregon cheer on adopted rubber ducks to the fastest finish in the Yachats River Bay to raise money for charity on the Fourth.

Bodybuilders will compete for Mr. and Ms. Muscle Beach in (where else?) Venice Beach, California. I’m betting on some star-spangled Speedos.

In Baltimore pets of all kinds will compete for titles like “Most Patriotic,” “Most Visionary,” and “Least likely to succeed as pet" in "Visionary Pets on Parade".  Owners are encouraged to dress their pets in their most ridiculous costumes and enter them into the parade, a talent show, or the owner/pet musical chairs competition.

How do you celebrate the Fourth of July? Let us know in the comments below…

Photo: Somerville, Massachusetts, fireworks by sandcastlematt via Intelligent Travel Flickr pool.


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