Our Favorite Local Haunts

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Fire Island Lighthouse.jpgToday at Intelligent Travel, we’re bringing you a slew of local haunts in celebration of Halloween. Ghosts, spirits, and other oddities can be found anywhere you’re traveling, and these stories can often help to fill in the history of a place (all while giving you the willies).

For example, I’m from Long Island, New York, home of the famed Amityville Horror house. But I was surprised to find out that according to some local paranormal “experts,” one of my favorite area attractions is apparently haunted as well. The iconic Fire Island Lighthouse is said to be haunted by the ghost of a former keeper who hung himself in the building. People have reported that “heavy doors open and close by themselves, strange laughing and banging sounds seem to come from inside, and have experienced eerie feelings, as well as the appearance of a shadowy figure in the caretaker’s house.

O.K., I’m officially creeped out.

What are your own local haunts? Share your favorite spooky travel tales in the comments, below.

Photo: Via Long Island Paranormal Investigators

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