Looking for Long Weekend Plans?


We know it’s Friday and that you may very well be out the door and headed to your destination on this long weekend. But if you’re coming up short and could use some inspiration, our Long Weekends guide is at your service.

And even if all you have planned is some armchair traveling, we can help there too. Check out our Ultimate Travel Library for compelling tales that will help inspire your next trip (gotta use those vacation days right?). And listen in  while Boyd Matson, host of the National Geographic Weekend radio show, interviews Andrew Evans about his Bus2Antarctica trip on this week’s program. Or you can check out our own new podcast, Intelligent Travel Radio, where Traveler editors and writers talk about their experiences and share stories from the latest issue. In the current podcast, Marilyn Terrell and I talk about traveling and Twitter.

You can sign up to get both podcasts, along with a National Geographic daily news podcast, delivered right to your web-enabled phone through Stitcher.com.

Where are you headed this long weekend?

Photo courtesy Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas City.


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