Bus2Antarctica Video: Peru with a View

Andrew Evans gives us a glimpse from the bus as it drives through Peru’s Sechura Desert.


all the borders I’ve crossed on this trip, the most drastic change I’ve

felt so far was crossing from Ecuador to Peru. After days of lush green

banana plantations and tropical lowland jungle, I entered the Sechura

Desert–one of the driest places on earth. The vegetation disappeared

completely and what started as a bare sandy horizon soon transformed

into a flowing wall of dramatic sand dunes on either side. I felt like

I’d been dropped into the world’s biggest sand box and as I watched out

the window, the wind blew the sand into new drifts and patterns. This

desert lasted through nearly 20 hours of bus time–all the way to Lima

in fact. Everyone on board was busy watching a silly Japanese movie and

so I retreated to the bathroom to try and film some of what we were

passing through.

Andrew is back on the bus and traveling through Argentina. Follow his Twitter feed @Bus2Antarctica, and the map of his journey here. Bookmark all of his blog posts here, see videos here, and get the full story on the project here. Video by Andrew Evans. 


  1. John Broomhall
    Westlock, Canada
    March 19, 2012, 10:04 pm

    I would never have believed how much desert there was down there. I too was astounded by the transition at the Ecuador/Peru border while heading south on my moto. The desert pretty much lasted halfway down Chile, about 3500 kms of it. I remember coming into La Serena close to 2 weeks later thinking that I was at last on my way out.

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