Family Fun: Museum of Pez Memorabilia

Senior researcher Marilyn Terrell is our unofficial office curator of the odd, wacky, and bizarre. So naturally, she introduced us to the Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia, home to the world’s largest Pez dispensing machine.

If you’re traveling to San Francisco and you or your kids love Pez dispensers, you’d probably enjoy stopping by the Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia in Burlingame, California, which contains an example of every Pez dispenser ever made. (It’s just five minutes south of the San Francisco International Airport, and accessible via Caltrain). They have guided tours of the collection, and a museum store that sells new and vintage dispensers, such as the 2003 Jungle Book 2 series, as well as hanging racks that will hold between 72 and 80 of your favorite dispensers. And of course, you wouldn’t want to miss the main event: The world’s largest

Pez dispensing machine, a 7-ft. 10-in.-tall smiling snowman. Instead of doling out Pez candy pellets, the snowman distributes Pez

dispensers encased in plastic display boxes.

In addition to Pez, the museum has expanded to include the Classic Toy Museum, which has exhibits of Mr. Potato Head, Tinker Toys, Slinkys, Lincoln Logs and more.

Video via Roadside America

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