Where’s Andrew? Photo Clue #24

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Welcome to a New Year and a new batch of clues from Andrew Evans, our

digital nomad who is traveling through Australia and sending us daily photo clues. (Check out the Guardian’s blog post

about his trip.) Now put your thinking hats on and do your best to

figure out today’s clue. And click through to see what you win if

you’re the first person to guess correctly at our Clues Gallery.


January 3, 2010

Pixels are merely tiny colored dots. In the same way, these

panels cover a parking lot.

Where am I (corner of which two streets in which city)? What

is this (name)? And how many panels comprise it in total?

Click through to see the tasty treat you’ll get if you guess correctly!

Make your best guess at our Clues Gallery and get a box of chocolates from Andrew!

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