Explore the National Parks in the United Kingdom

dolbadarn-castle-snowdonia_30904_600x450.jpgAmerica’s National Parks are widely regarded as a national treasure, as evidenced by the gorgeous PBS documentary series released last year, “America’s Best Idea.” But we’d be remiss if we focused solely on the parks in the U.S. when so many other amazing landscapes are similarly protected around the world. So we’re pleased to announce the launch of our new web hub that showcases some of the most spectacular parks in the United Kingdom.

Take a walk on the moors, go horseback riding on ancient trails, or tour a medieval village in one of the U.K.’s 15 national parks. Known as “Britain’s breathing spaces,” the parks offer outdoor and sightseeing activities against dramatic landscapes and historic treasures. Discover the parks in our profiles and gallery–and plan your next trip.

What’s your favorite U.K. park?

[U.K. National Parks Travel Guide]


  1. Pat Muncher
    February 25, 2011, 10:26 am

    Favourite park in the UK? Well I didn’t think much to the Lapland World theme park but if its National Parks you are looking for one of the very best has to be Dartmoor – the granite tors, home of ponies and being in Devon of course pasties.