Making the Most of Malta

Last week here on IT, we heard from writer Jeanine Barone who described the hidden treasures of Malta best found on foot. The post garnered a lot of attention on the blog and on our Facebook page. Back by popular demand, we present to you more Malta. Chief Researcher Marilyn Terrell checks-in with Sophie Fraser of The Lost Girls World who offers additional suggestions of what to do on the small European archipelago.

gozo-malta-diving_27045_990x742.jpgIf you’ve wondered what there is to do on Malta, here’s an excerpt from a post by Sophie Fraser on The Lost Girls World blog:

 1. Visit the world’s only underground temples
 2. Check out the beach at Ghadira Bay
 3. Try some traditional appetizers like bean pâté or Maltese sausages
 4. Take a ferry to Gozo
 5. Learn to cook Malta-style

For more details, see Sophie’s post. You can follow Sophie Fraser on Twitter at @sfraseruk or @lostgirlsworld.

And be sure to check-out National Geographic Traveler‘s guide to Malta.

Photo: The Azure Window and Blue Hole in Gozo, a popular dive site. Ted Attard/My Shot


  1. Alexandre Manoel
    July 8, 2013, 9:51 pm

    Tenho muita vontade de conhecer Malta. Espero que eu posso ter a oportunidade de ir algum dia.

  2. Taavi
    March 4, 2011, 4:49 pm

    I was in Malta last month and one must do thing is to travel with those very retro buses that they have.