The Radar: Escape the Daily Grind, Websites Connect Travelers, Travel for Turtle Conservation

  • Looking for an escape from the daily grind? Take it slow, and you’ll avoid needing a vacation from your vacation. Destinations like Cosenza (Italy), Havana (Cuba), and Siwa (Egypt) are sure to give you that back-in-time feeling you need to wind down from the modern world. [Lonely Plaanet]
  • Websites like have changed the way many people travel. Here are two more websites to connect you with locals and hosts around the world. [NY Times]
  • Make a difference on your next trip! Volunteer for a beach patrol program tracking Australian flatback turtles. Explore the coast by day and search for turtles by night, assisting turtle conservation efforts in Western Australia. [The Independent]

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Photo: Nina Kemives/My Shot


  1. Marcela
    June 14, 2011, 6:06 pm

    Sure, websites like Couch Surfing are helping, but I think good old Facebook is the easiest way! At least, that’s how I met my husband… And now we’ve got a video online of our proposal night, all this technology but you can’t beat a bit of romance ;)