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  • A few of India’s cultural norms may be unsettling to female solo travelers. But this guide will teach you about things like appropriate dress and transportation safety, to help alleviate any apprehension. [Matador Network]
  • Back in July, Google unveiled it’s “Hotel Finder” tool that allows users to search for accommodations in an area they draw on Google Maps. Now this month, Google has announced a partnership with hotel reservation system, Trust International. The reservation service will feed content like images, maps, availability, and rates into Google’s tool. [Tnooz]
  • Invest in good pair of noise canceling headphones so you can enjoy your music on a long flight or on the beach without bothering fellow travelers– and without them bothering you. Look for coveted features such as extended battery life, built-in mic for calls, and rugged cases. [Go Green Travel Green via Alltop]

Amber Skorpenske

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