#AskAndrew: How can I be a Digital Nomad?

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It has been a busy year for our Digital Nomad, Andrew Evans, filled with incredible adventures like mustering brumbies in Australia, diving the Great Barrier Reef, documenting a tragic oil spill affecting endangered penguins on Tristan Da Cunha, crossing the Equator by kayak, dropping in to Munich for Oktoberfest, flying in an authentic WWII bomber, speaking at TED in Budapest, feeding baby moose in Quebec, traversing the entire country of Japan by bullet train in a day, and, most recently, discovering the best of New Orleans.

Andrew has brought us all along for the ride in real time on Twitter and his blog, which won a bronze in the annual Folio Magazine awards for Best Online Community. How does he do it? Here’s your chance to learn what it takes to be a digital nomad:

Tune in tomorrow, November 22, at 3 p.m. ET for a live Twitter chat with Andrew. Join us over at @NatGeoTraveler and @WheresAndrew, and use the hashtag #AskAndrew, to follow along or ask a question. You never know, he might just drop a hint to where he’s traveling next.

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