The Radar: Iceland for Locals, Thailand Underwater, Do Something Crazy

  • Avoid tourist traps and enjoy the local side of Reykjavik. Check out the ultimate guide to hidden gems in Iceland’s capital. [The Cultureist]
  • See the vibrant colors of Thailand beneath the waves. Take a look at these fantastic underwater photos from Shark Island. [Alex in Wanderland]
  • On your next trip, throw caution to the wind. Find out what you can learn by doing dangerous, stupid, and crazy things.  [Do Something Cool]

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Photograph by Vinod Krishnan, My Shot


  1. Martin
    London, UK
    June 29, 2012, 11:06 am

    That guide to Reykjavik is simple but quite good. Make sure you’re walking the city as this is the best way to discover hidden gems. And don’t forget to get out of the city – Iceland is stunning!
    Here’s some more Iceland: