The Radar: Off-Grid Chile, Inspirational Travel Quotes, World’s Most Remote Places

  • With its deserts and glaciers, Chile is a country of extremes–and the perfect destination for adventurers. Find out all this South American gem has to offer. [Boots ‘n’ All]
  • Need a little push to start planning your next trip? After reading these inspirational travel quotes, you’ll be packing your bags in no time. [Traveling Canucks]
  • Some of the world’s most remote places also happen to be the most beautiful. Get a peek at the most pristine ecosystems on Earth from your armchair. [BBC Travel]

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Photograph by Alban Chauveau, My Shot



  1. Rodrigo A. Guajardo
    Arlington, VA
    June 8, 2014, 1:49 pm

    The Chilean coast is roughly 4.000 miles (6.435 kilometer = 3. 998 miles) in length, and not almost 50,000 miles as the picture above boasts. If that is true, and the country was only 100 miles wide, that will render around 2,000,000 square miles of surface. Chile is about the size of Texas which is ~269,000 sq/miles. For reference, El Salvador fits more than 33 times in Texas. With a surface of 5,000,000 sq/miles Chile would be the bigger than India which is ~2,973,193 sq/miles. Russia is the biggest country in the planet today (and growing it appears…) and it is 16,377,742 sq/miles. The U.S has 19,924 miles of coast line.
    Erasing a “0” in the caption would do the trick!
    Thank you.

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