Where’s Andrew?

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This is Andrew Evans‘s fourth trip to Africa this year. Fourth.

While most people dream of visiting Africa one day, those who have been there dream of returning. “This is the great secret of Africa—that this place is so very addictive,” Andrew says.

This past spring, he sailed to Cape Town then voyaged inland to explore the bouldered shores of Lake Malawi, only to return to South Africa weeks later to host a documentary for the National Geographic Channel (set for release in early 2013). Then, just a few weeks ago, he stopped by the Great Rift Valley on his great hopscotch around the world with National Geographic Expeditions.

On this trip, our Digital Nomad will be crisscrossing Tanzania on an epic tour of the country’s amazing national parks — including Kilimanjaro and Gombe Stream, where Jane Goodall pioneered her behavioral research on chimpanzees.

In Swahili, the word safari means “journey.” And, as Andrew says, “a real safari follows no agenda, other than the animals and the weather.”

So follow along on the Digital Nomad blog (and on Twitter @WheresAndrew) as Andrew leap frogs from park to park encountering phenomenal people, places, and wildlife — “those rare and hard-to-reach places that are still so timeless and alive.” Once you’ve seen Tanzania through his eyes and ears, you’ll want to experience them for yourself.

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