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  1. Pam
    January 22, 2014, 3:23 pm

    The faux traveler/tourist debate has long felt to me like jostling for superiority over other people we share the road with. We claim to not be “tourists” so’s to distance ourselves from those lost in Times Square with maps, or, in my town, the white sneaker wearing cruise ship passengers strolling the market.

    Tourists are *other* people, unless we’re in some location where nearly everyone is undeniably a tourist, like Disneyland, then it’s okay to be one. No one in the Magic Kingdom says, “Oh, I’m a TRAVELER., not a tourist.” Why is it different in Nashville or Nairobi?

    By perpetrating this debate, we continue to allow for the possibility that there’s something *better* than a tourist. Tourist isn’t a dirty word, in fact, it’s an awesome thing to be, it implies the privilege of travel for pleasure and the time to feel wonder. When I am in transit, I am LITERALLY a traveler, in that I am moving between places and traveler is the noun that applies to me in that state. But once I have reached the destination where I plan to spend time as a guest, I am a tourist, and very proud to be one.

    • Leslie Trew Magraw
      January 23, 2014, 8:07 am

      Thanks for your thoughtful response, Pam! Completely agree :)