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Travel Inspiration: Great New Reads

From Africa to the Oregon Trail, these four new #TripLit titles take you there.

I Heart My National Park: Cuyahoga Valley

Crisscrossed by roads and freeways, encompassing towns, private attractions, and city parks, Ohio’s Cuyahoga Valley National Park is hardly comparable to the vast wilderness parks of the American West. But opportunities for personal reflection abound here, too. Cuyahoga Valley features secluded trails through rugged gorges that seem far removed from civilization; vistas of tree-covered hills where the urban world is out of sight; marshes where beaver, herons, and wood ducks thrive. Here’s a look at Ohio’s only national park through interpretive ranger Rebecca Jones Macko’s unique lens.

Instagram of the Month: Lauterbrunnen Valley

Douglas Cross roams the globe with a camera in hand and shares his travels with the world through Instagram. He brought himself—and his great photographic eye—to our attention by tagging his photo with #NatGeoTravelPic on Instagram. Here’s a peek at the person behind this winning shot of Switzerland’s Lauterbrunnen Valley.

All-American Adventures in Wonderlands

Don’t just see the world, seize it. From paragliding the Grand Tetons to cave explorations in Kentucky, these six wild adventures in the U.S. turn vacations into calls to action.

Travel Lens: Kristen Kish’s World

As cohost of the Travel Channel’s new show “36 Hours” (which premieres August 17), “Top Chef” season 10 winner Kristen Kish has a pretty full plate. When she’s not in front of the camera, the South Korea-born, Michigan-raised former model heads home to Boston, where she cut her teeth as a chef. Here’s a look at the world through Kristen Kish’s unique lens

Virginia’s Capital of Charm: Richmond

Richmond zips away from its sleepy southern past with a blend of modern culture, cuisine, and international sport.

I Heart My City: Daisann’s Hong Kong

Award-winning journalist and frequent ‘Traveler’ contributor Daisann McLane began her love affair with Hong Kong back in 2001. She returned to the city again and again over the ensuing years, eventually settling there full-time in 2010. Soon thereafter, McLane launched the Little Adventures in Hong Kong tour company “to help other people do what it had taken me years of experience as a travel writer to learn: Figure out the city. Understand its culture. Discover real Hong Kong food.” Here she shares a few of her favorite things about the city she’s proud to call her second home.

Adventure 101: Mountain Biking in Crested Butte

Few places exude bicycling culture as much as Crested Butte, a quirky mountain hamlet tucked into the southern Rockies at close to 9,000 feet above sea level. The town (population 1,500) is about 25 miles from Aspen as the crow flies, but a world away in style. Just beyond Crested Butte’s city limits, the pavement ends and dirt roads snake up the valley, leading to world-class mountain-biking trails amid some of the most striking scenery Colorado has to offer.

I Heart My Hometown: #PostcardProject

National Geographic Traveler features editor Amy Alipio recently asked our readers to weigh in on whether they thought the postcard was obsolete. The response was astounding. Seems the postcard isn’t the dying art (and travel tradition) we feared it was. In the past three months (and with a little help from the Postcrossing.com community), hundreds of rectangle-shaped missives—from Shanghai to Sheboygan—have flooded into Nat…

8 Under-the-Radar European Islands

Europe presents many reasons to hop off the storied continent.

Travels on the Run: Washington, D.C.

For National Geographic Books Senior Editor Barbara A. Noe, going on a run is the best way to get oriented in a new city, and a great way to take in the sights. So lace up your sneaks and read on to get Barbara’s tips on where to run in some of the world’s greatest places—and what to see along the way.

Victoria Falls for Dummies

Victoria Falls is on almost everyone’s bucket list, but few people quite know the best way to experience it. On a recent trip to southern Africa, I saw it from every which way, so you don’t have to.