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United States of Ice Cream: America’s Best Cones

I scream, you scream: Here’s where to get your best licks around the United States this summer.

Ice Cream, You Scream: Weird Flavors

Step aside, vanilla. To kick off National Ice Cream Month and celebrate the Fourth of July, our readers share the most unusual flavors they’ve ever had the pleasure (or pain) of tasting while traveling.

The Radar: Celebrate National Ice Cream Month, Germany’s Best Hiking Trail, New Dinosaur Hall

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July is National Ice Cream month in the U.S. and you can score a free scoop of the sweet stuff tonight at Omni Hotel properties across the country. Guests will be met with a free ice cream social from 4 to 6 p.m. today, complete with a make your own sundae bar. Sounds delicious. [Omni…

The Radar: Affordable Hotels in Madrid, Ice Cream Factory Tours, Finland’s Midnight Sun

Staying in Madrid’s historic center doesn’t have to break the bank. Check this list of affordable accommodations just a stone’s throw from many of the city’s top sites. [WhyGoSpain] Summer Sundaes: Don’t just eat ice cream this summer, see how it’s made. Here are ten ice cream factories and museums in the U.S. scooping out…

The Radar: Treehouses, Ice Cream, and Restaurant Grades

Tucked in treetops in the heart of Swedish Lapland is the new Treehotel, which offers chic, eco-friendly treehouses for grownups. Each house has different design — one is covered in mirrors while another is designed to resemble a nest; upcoming tree homes will be designed to look like Legos and a UFO. All are heated…

Thawing Out on the Ice Age Trail

In the words of one passing snowshoer, the Ice Age Trail is “the best trek you’ve never heard of.” And we’ve tried to experience it as the glaciers that carved it would have intended: in the off season.

My City: Havana, Cuba

Don’t believe anyone who tells you Havana is sclerotic. Or, worse, that the food is boring. The city is best appreciated on locals’ simple terms: the farmers markets displaying mini-mountains of tropical fruits; the youth gossiping and flirting on the seafront Malecón promenade at night; or ice cream enjoyed beneath the dappled shade of jagüey trees.

Discovering Dublin’s Coastal Villages

I’d been to the Irish capital several times before, but had never ventured from the city center to the seaside towns along the coast. As I came to find out, these aren’t seasonal communities brimming with tacky T-shirt and ice cream shops, but rather idyllic suburbs of Dublin where many families make their home.

How to Thrive on a Long-Haul Flight

After enduring dozens of long-haul flights, I’ve become a bit of an expert when it comes to staying sane and healthy while getting from here…to way over there. Here are eight hard-won tips to help you do the same.

Beyond the Beach in Guadeloupe

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“They’re calling, ‘Look at us, look at us dance,’” my guide shouts as she sways to the complex percussion rhythms and insistent call-and-response of the ten-man gwo-ka group that saturates this shabby sidewalk stretch in Pointe-à-Pitre, the principal city in Guadeloupe. “This is more than music,” she continues, cupping her hands to my ear. “This is a…

Natural Beauty: Great Day Trips From Melbourne

Don’t get me wrong; I love a great city. But there’s a bit of yin and yang to travel. Once I’ve had my fill of urban experiences, I start plotting an escape. I’ve already outlined the appeal of penguin pilgrimage site Phillip Island and the Yarra Valley’s wine wonderland, both of which are less than a two-hour drive from Melbourne. Here are three more idyllic ways to spend a day (or a weekend) in Victoria.

Experience Almond-Blossom Season in Mallorca

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The Mediterranean island’s almond blossom season brings a trembling carpet of pink, purple, and white.