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Japan by Bullet Train

I wanted to cross the country in one day. You can do that now, thanks to the incredibly fast bullet trains that connect Japan’s major cities. The bullet, or Shinkansen, train looks futuristic but celebrates its 50th birthday this year. Since 2011, it has linked the northernmost city of Aomori, on the main island of Honshu, to…

Egypt: The Case for Going

I have never received as many concerned messages as I did on a recent trip to Egypt. The nation has made headlines lately, and few have been positive. Realities on the ground in Luxor, though, were different.

Good As Gold In Yucatán

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Like Mexican cooking, which mixes 
the flavors of limes and chilies, Yucatán’s civilization is a blend of contrasting cultures: Maya and Catholic. Nowhere is the mix more evident than in the golden city of Izamal, in Yucatán’s north.

Canada’s Ukrainian Capital

The homemade pierogi are spot-on and the borscht is rich with dill, just like in Ukraine. But the old country is thousands of miles away; I’m on a patch of Canadian prairie in Alberta, site of the biggest Ukrainian settlement outside of eastern Europe.

Made in Scotland: Shetland Chic

In 1953 Edmund Hillary summited Everest with Sherpa Tenzing Norgay. Helping keep Hillary warm at the subzero altitude was a sweater made from Shetland wool. The artisanal tradition, which continues to this day in the Shetland Islands, remains one of Scotland’s most recognizable trademarks.

Adventures in Swiss Cheese

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“A pro can sniff out at least 45 distinct aromas,” says Dominique Yersin, a Swiss cheesemaker who resembles a champion wrestler in an apron, as he holds a ripened hunk of his L’Etivaz cheese to my nose.

Andrew’s 10 Durban Must-Dos

Africa never leaves you. Once you’ve smelled the air, laid footprints in the red dirt, and caught a flaming hot pink sunrise you just want to go back and do it all over again.

Though my job affords me some terrific travel opportunities, Durban — a city smiling and alive with people, color, and bright lights — occupies a special place in my memory. Even though I could rave about it all day, these stood out as must-dos if you’re thinking about planning your own South African adventure.

Geo Bee

Twenty-two years later, and it still makes me nervous. Just watching the young contestants at yesterday’s preliminary finals of the National Geographic Bee was enough to make me sweat and tighten my hands into fists—to hope and to cringe with every question asked. Back in 1989, I participated in the first ever National Geographic Bee.…

Where’s Andrew? Mustering Brumbies

“Is that photographer fella come yet?”/ “No.”/ “Do you know where he is?”/ “I think he’s coming tomorrow.”/”The American bloke?”/ “I dunno.”/ “Is the journalist guy with you?” Before I met any of the folks at Kings Creek, I listened to them all discuss my visit on the scratchy radio. On an outback station as…

Happy Australia Day! from @WheresAndrew

Happy Australia Day to all of you! After traveling for more than seven weeks in Australia, I feel like I have a much better sense of this remarkable country and its people. Still, that didn’t prepare me for the jubilant celebrations that mark Australia Day. As a national holiday, Australia Day commemorates the landing of…

Where’s Andrew? Video: The Colors of Uluru

Visiting a world famous icon always carries high expectations with specific ideas about the experience, while true travel always offers an extra element of surprise. Australia’s Uluru surprised me with its colors, lightning storms, and zebra finches. Thanks again to the Anangu for welcoming me to the sacred sites of Uluru and Kata-Tjuta.

Where’s Andrew? Way Out Woop Woop

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Most of Australia is gloriously empty. Perhaps that’s why I love it so much here. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not one of those country people who generally despises or mistrusts the big city. I love a nice, overwhelming metropolis–plant me in midtown Manhattan and I’m a joyful man–but I equally love the existential rush…