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Avery Stonich is a freelance writer based in Boulder, Colorado, who has traveled to more than 40 countries in search of adventure. Visit her website at averystonich.com and follow her on Twitter and Instagram @averystonich.

7 Offbeat Adventures Around the World

Itching for an adventure, but want to set your sights on something a little out of the ordinary? Look no further. Treat yourself to a wholly unique experience with any one of these offbeat adventures: Live Like a Bedouin in Egypt If commonplace adventures sound too tame for you, consider immersing yourself in the life of a desert nomad in Egypt.…

Why Now is the Time to Visit Nepal

Late last year, I traveled to Nepal to report on whether the country was ready to welcome travelers after a magnitude 7.8 earthquake rattled it to its core in April 2015, followed by a second quake, considered an aftershock, in May. I came home wondering how you could not go. If ever there were a time to visit Nepal, it’s now.

Patagonia Dreaming: Adventures in Torres del Paine

If anywhere can make you feel like a dwarf before nature, it’s Torres del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia. If the rugged Cordillera del Paine mountains are the 600,000-acre park’s backbone, the 9,300-foot granite spires form its heart. Along Torres del Paine’s western edge, massive fingers of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field claw down broad valleys, melting into dreamy…

On Safari in North America

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Discard the idea that you have to be in Africa to go on safari. Instead, head for the “Serengeti of North America”—the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem—which is spread across the states of Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho.

How to Tackle Telluride’s Via Ferrata

Gaze up at the soaring cliffs above Telluride and you might imagine that only rock climbers with nerves of steel could scale the foreboding walls. Yet a via ferrata, or “iron road,” traverses a sheer face above town, offering an adrenaline-infused adventure for anyone willing to clip onto a steel cable and negotiate a rock wall using metal ladder rungs. Think of it as hiking on steroids.

Adventure 101: Mountain Biking in Crested Butte

Few places exude bicycling culture as much as Crested Butte, a quirky mountain hamlet tucked into the southern Rockies at close to 9,000 feet above sea level. The town (population 1,500) is about 25 miles from Aspen as the crow flies, but a world away in style. Just beyond Crested Butte’s city limits, the pavement ends and dirt roads snake up the valley, leading to world-class mountain-biking trails amid some of the most striking scenery Colorado has to offer.

Adventure 101: Climbing in the Colorado Rockies

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Rocky Mountain National Park is an ideal alpine playground, complete with sheer rock walls, steep couloirs, and craggy peaks—everything a budding climber needs to cut his or her teeth.

Adventure 101: Kitesurfing in Turks and Caicos

Kitesurfing is guaranteed to help your spirit soar. “[It] feels like what I imagine it must be like flying around heaven,” says Brendon Held of “inMotion Kitesurfing” magazine. When it comes to giving the sport a whirl, few places rival the Turks and Caicos. This dreamy collection of Caribbean islands north of Hispaniola and east of Cuba dazzles with miles of warm, shallow turquoise water and sand so fine it feels like fairy dust. Factor in locals who exude a relaxed, friendly vibe, and you have all the ingredients for a perfect tropical adventure.

Adventure 101: Ice Climbing in Ouray

Chatter about the world’s top ice climbing spots will always circle back to Ouray, a sleepy town in southwestern Colorado where more than 20 years ago, a few visionary climbers started teasing streams of water down the walls of a steep, shadowy gorge. Since then Ouray Ice Park has blossomed into an ice climber’s dream-come-true,…

Adventure 101: Shore Diving in Bonaire

Magnificent Bonaire stands firmly on a pinnacle, reigning supreme over all other shore diving destinations in the world. With a decidedly rugged character, this charming Dutch island in the southern Caribbean skips chain hotels and instead woos dedicated divers with easy access to underwater wonder.