Dan Westergren

Dan Westergren is Director of Photography for National Geographic Travel. Follow his story on Twitter @dwestergren and on Instagram @danwestergren.

Do Your Pictures Tell a Story?

Reader Question: How do I tell a story with photographs?

How to Make Light Work for You

Reader Question: What’s the best time of day to take pictures?

The Simple Truth About Good Composition

Reader Question: What is meant by good composition and how do I achieve it?

Do People Belong in Landscape Photography?

Reader question:

Is it true that a great landscape image will almost always be better if there’s a human presence in it?

My answer:

It depends on the intended use of the picture.

How to Photograph Strangers

As a photographer and photo editor for National Geographic Traveler, people often ask me how I approach strangers when I want to take their picture — especially when there’s a language barrier. Here are my thoughts.

Three Essential Photo Tips

In the age of Instagram, everyone’s a photographer. But a few simple tricks still make snapshots actually worth showing off. National Geographic Traveler’s senior photo editor Dan Westergren offers his top three tips for shooting in the field.

The Legend of Kodachrome Flat

Ever since Monday’s announcement by Kodak that they’re discontinuing production of Kodachrome film, professional and amateur photographers this week have been busy discussing its demise. Kodachrome was known for its rich color saturation and was widely used by National Geographic photographers in the first decades that the magazine printed in color. In fact, it was…