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Hannah Sheinberg is an associate editor at National Geographic Traveler magazine. Follow Hannah on Twitter @h_sheinberg.

Ambassador of Adventure: Bruce Poon Tip

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Bruce Poon Tip knows how to do adventure travel right. The Canadian entrepreneur started G Adventures in Toronto more than 25 years ago after a backpacking trip through Asia inspired him to take his grassroots approach to exploring the world to the world in the form of a unique brand of guided trips that emphasize cultural learning, service, and community building. What started out…

On the Road in America

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Punched by a cowgirl. Charged at by an elk. Singer-songwriter Joe Pug, whose latest album, “Windfall,” drops in March of 2016, has plenty of material for between-song anecdotes thanks to years of touring around the United States. Here’s a look at what it’s like being on the road in America, and a few of Pug’s favorite spots along the way.

Here’s a look at the world through his unique lens

Beyond the Beach in Fiji

Fiji is so synonymous with an aquatic lifestyle that its name graces the label of bottled water. Made up of more than 300 islands, the South Pacific republic is a snorkeling and scuba diving sanctuary thanks to its surplus of kaleidoscopic reefs. But, there are still plenty of memorable onshore activities for those feeling waterlogged. Here are five ways to go beyond the beach in Fiji.

Travel Lens: Jim Gaffigan’s World

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Sharing a two-bedroom apartment in NYC with his wife and five young kids, comedian Jim Gaffigan’s family life is the perfect fit for his semi-biographical TV Land sitcom. Despite his show, the comic still makes time to hit the stand-up circuit. Here’s a look at the world through Gaffigan’s unique lens.

Travel Lens: Kristen Kish’s World

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As cohost of the Travel Channel’s new show “36 Hours” (which premieres August 17), “Top Chef” season 10 winner Kristen Kish has a pretty full plate. When she’s not in front of the camera, the South Korea-born, Michigan-raised former model heads home to Boston, where she cut her teeth as a chef. Here’s a look at the world through Kristen Kish’s unique lens

Five Places to Celebrate Van Gogh’s Legacy

Want to observe the 125th anniversary of Vincent van Gogh’s untimely death? Here are five unusual places to experience the Postimpressionist painter’s legacy—minus the absinthe.

Travel Lens: Anthony Bourdain’s World

Television host, author, and former executive chef Anthony Bourdain has licked his plate clean all over the world, from soup dumplings in Shanghai to piranhas in Peru. Here’s a look at the world through his unique lens (and appetite).

France’s Faux Cave Art

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More than 1,000 prehistoric paintings dot the newly inducted UNESCO site of Grotte Chauvet-Pont-d’Arc in southeastern France—and you will never see them because the landmark closed indefinitely to protect its 30,000-year-old artworks. But there’s another way to see some of the oldest cave paintings in the world.