Hanna Snarberg

Choose Your Own Adventure: Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you might be in the process of mapping out a romantic trip with the one you love. And that process may seem daunting. Should you go with something romantic, fun, or quirky? Take a deep breath: here are four questions that will guide you in the right direction as you plan your special day.

Where ‘The Little Prince’ was Born

The jeep was rented and packed with a few belongings I would need for the next couple of days. The sun was just beginning to rise when I left Agadir, Morocco. By the time it started heating up I was surrounded by desert.

Gran Canaria, From M to M

When I think of Gran Canaria, many words starting with ‘M’ spring to mind: multifarious, mesmerizing, modern, memorable. Part of the Canary Islands archipelago off the northwest coast of Africa, Gran Canaria packs a punch. The delightful variety of climates and landscapes that can be found there have earned the island the apellation of “miniature continent.”

Here’s my guide to Gran Canaria, from M to M.

History Lessons in Geneva

Museums aren’t usually my top priority when I travel. Too often they end up being something that has to be ticked off my list. Mona Lisa…check, Sagrada Familia…check (you get the point). But when I visited Geneva, I wanted to dig a little deeper to find out what had shaped the city’s history. So I visited not one, but five museums. This is where I went and what I learned.

Twice As Nice in France

Imagine arriving in Nice (the regional capital of the French Riviera) and only having 24 hours to see the city. What would your priorities be? What would zoom to the top of your must-see list? Is it even possible to get a feeling for such a multifaceted city in so short a time?

Why not give it a try? I did. And it wasn’t so bad (though I did want to stay). Here’s how it went.

Cannes Done Right

The belle of the French Riviera slides into the spotlight each May when the crème de la crème of actors, directors, agents, and jet-setters descend on the city for the Cannes International Film Festival. But beyond the red-carpet glitz and glamour, what else does this city by the sea have to offer? Lots.

Here’s a tiny taste.

Marseille, Mon Ami

I have to come clean: the headline isn’t mine (it’s the opening line from French chansonnier Charles Aznavour’s classic song “Allez vai Marseille”), but I used it because I cannot agree more. I visited France’s second largest city earlier this summer and all I can say is that this beautiful, historic city went straight to my heart.

Oslo…From Under An Umbrella

If I say Norway, most of you probably think of boats, water, and stunning nature. I happened to visit Oslo for two days in July when the rain just wouldn’t stop pouring down. Since I had forgotten my raincoat, I decided to scrap my plan to visit the beautiful Oslo Fjord region and explore the Oslo city center instead. Here’s what Norway’s capital city has to offer on a rainy summer’s day.

Sweden’s Cinderella City

Everyone’s heard of Stockholm, but what about Gothenburg?

If you’re planning a Scandinavian escape this summer, think about hitting Sweden’s idyllic West Coast instead.