Henley Vazquez

Henley Vazquez has lived on three continents while writing for Indagare, Town & Country Travel, Daily Candy, InStyle, and other publications. She lives in New York City, but is happiest hitting the road with her husband and two kids. Follow Henley on Twitter at @HenleyVQ.

Five Family Travel Resolutions

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. But as winter continues its march (at least where I live in New York City), I’ve been dreaming up a few travel goals for 2014. Some are places, some are new services, all are experiences that will make this year of travel the best one yet.

The Best Restaurants in Tulum

Typical winter foods just aren’t my thing. I respect the fervor with which fans baste their roasts, whip their potatoes, and twirl their pasta. When the weather turns cold, I think about one thing: Tulum. This winter will be my fourth trip there, and each time I pull into this groovy Mexican beach town on the edge of the Riviera Maya, I find another restaurant that makes me swoon. Here are five musts.

My Guide to Napa With Niños

There are few places that evoke romance more than Napa Valley. Spectacular scenery, romantic inns, excellent dining, and, of course, plenty of wine combine to create something nearing the ultimate couples retreat. But, as I recently discovered, this viticultural wonderland doubles as an ideal escape for families.

Geek Retreat: The Best of Silicon Valley

Years ago, my husband and I drove the Pacific Coast Highway and quickly realized that we were passing through some of the most exotic and romantic landscapes in the world. Since then we’ve had a couple of kids, and we recently took them for their own California experience. This time we explored the valleys instead of the seaside — but we fell in love just the same. Here’s a download on the best of Silicon Valley.

A Royal Weekend in London

Whether by luck or deft maneuvering, I’ve avoided a Disney vacation thus far. I have not had the same luck with the princess phase, which commandeered my daughter’s imagination somewhere around age two and hasn’t let up since. Recently, I decided to give into the royal impulses and take a trip to the magic kingdom — the British one, that is.

The Quieter Side of Ibiza

The Spanish do it. The French, the Brits, and the Italians are all doing it. But we Americans haven’t yet joined the ranks of Ibiza lovers. Last month, I gave in to a nagging feeling that I was missing something and packed up my family for a week of sun and sea on Spain’s “white island.” This is what I discovered.

A New Family Tradition: The 24-Hour Layover

When planning a recent trip to Ibiza, we were faced with less than ideal connection options in Spain. So our clever travel agent made a suggestion: Forget about making the trip in one day and embrace the inconvenience by spending a day somewhere en route. The result? A magical 24 hours in Barcelona, and the beginning of a new family tradition.

The Maine of Spain

You’ve never heard of my favorite place in Spain. It’s not stylish Barcelona, foodie San Sebastian, or picturesque Mallorca. But La Coruña is just as unique.

Family-Friendly Europe

Say what you will about Europe in the summer. Sure, there are longer lines, sweatier tourists, and pricier flights, but there’s also gelato on sunny piazzas, warm evening walks through historic sites, and, most important, no school. Here are four of the family-friendliest destinations in Europe, and tips for enjoying them with your kids.