I Heart My Island

I Heart My Island: Grenada

Jadine Hinds has been free diving and spear fishing in the waters surrounding Grenada since she was seven years old. These days the native islander indulges her love of the ocean as a PADI dive master, but that doesn’t mean her enthusiasm for the Caribbean destination she calls home is confined to the aquatic. She has plenty of land-based intel to share. Here’s a look at the “Island of Spice” through Jadine’s local lens.

I Heart My Island: Aruba

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Take a look at the island through Tisa LaSorte’s local lens.

I Heart My Island: Curaçao

No matter where or how far he roams, Alfred Gutierrez can’t stay away from Curaçao for long. Nor would he want to. The Dutch Caribbean island’s biggest asset, the chef says, is its locals. “The people of Curaçao are multicultural, kind, and always find a reason to laugh.” Here are a few of the island native’s favorite things about the place he’s proud to call home.

I Heart My Island: Île d’Aix

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Pierre Antoine Berniard has lived in Germany, Scotland, the United States, Canada, and Jamaica, but his heart belongs to Île d’Aix. “Even when I was abroad, Île d’Aix was my strong roots,” he says. “A sailor would say [that the island is] my point fixe.” And for good reason: Berniard’s familial ties there date back to the early 1700s, when his winemaking forebears came to the island.

I Heart My Island: Haida Gwaii

Artist Patrick Wesley was born and raised on Haida Gwaii, a 155-mile-long torch-shaped archipelago slung off British Columbia’s North Coast. A native Haida, Patrick began honing his carving skills while still a teenager, and has spent his life creating beautiful works from wood, silver, gold, ivory, and argillite. “The world should ‘heart’ my island because of its unique people, culture, and traditions,” Patrick says. Here’s a look at Haida Gwaii through his unique lens.

I Heart My Island: Rarotonga

Pa Teuruaa was born on Rarotonga, the largest and most populous island in the sprawling South Pacific archipelago known as the Cook Islands. Despite spending time in (relatively) nearby New Zealand, he couldn’t resist the pull of his ancestral home. Upon his return, Pa parlayed his twin passions for the island’s rugged interior and the healing power of plants into a career as a guide, leading his first nature trek in 1985. Here’s a look at the jewel of “the Cooks” through Pa’s unique lens.