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Cultural, Authentic & Sustainable: This is your brain on travel. We showcase the essence of place, what's unique and original, and what locals cherish most about where they live. And we highlight places, practices, and people that are on the front lines of sustainable travel--travel that preserves places' essential uniqueness for future generations.

Our mission is rooted in what the National Geographic Society stands for: inspiring people to care about the planet. Traveler and Intelligent Travel also want you to experience and enjoy the planet. We want to help you journey with greater sensitivity to the impact your trip has on a place and its inhabitants.

Sometimes we celebrate, sometimes we criticize. But we always try to heighten awareness about what's really important about travel: finding great places, experiencing them fully, and leaving them no worse for your visit.

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Florida’s Secret Manatee Retreat

Spot rare, gentle manatees at play on their annual winter vacation in Florida’s Blue Spring State Park.

Stargazing in Europe’s First Dark-Sky Preserve

Watch stars glitter and meteors blaze against the black canvas of Europe’s first dark-sky preserve.

Upon the Beach in Sunny Mozambique

A son embarks on a wistful voyage of discovery to far isles where his parents honeymooned.

France’s Truffle Hunting Capital: Périgord

Search alongside experts, both human and animal, for precious, perfumed truffles in France’s earthy, secretive southwestern corner.

China’s Magical World of Ice and Snow

Wander among glittering castles and pagodas at the Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival, which takes place in January and February. The residents of China’s most northeastern province, bordering Siberian Russia, brighten the long, harsh winter by carving fantastical sculptures from blocks of ice pulled from the Songhua River to create a frigid fairyland of epic proportions.

Your Shot of the Month: Marrakesh Madrassa

Want National Geographic to highlight your photograph? Join our Your Shot community and participate in upcoming hashtag challenges for a chance to appear in Traveler magazine and on Intelligent Travel.

Five Ways to Drink Coffee Around the World

Will travel for caffeine? Here’s where to get a coffee buzz across the globe.

Ring in the New Year in One of America’s Oldest Cities

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Ring in the New Year by reveling in the arts at North America’s oldest First Night fete.

World Calendar: Must-Attend Events in January

There are some amazing events on tap all over the world, all the time. Here’s a taste of what you can see and do in January.

Resplendent: Quetzal Season in Costa Rica

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Trek through misty jungles and around active volcanoes in search of a brilliant, feathered Aztec god.

Checking in: Three New Caribbean Retreats

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Homey or historic, these new Caribbean lodgings pamper you with extras.

How to Rave it Up in Rio de Janeiro

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Winter in the Northern Hemisphere is a summer blessing in Rio de Janeiro, with its steamy Christmas and New Year’s, known as Réveillon, and the world’s most famous party, Carnival. Here’s how to celebrate in style amid miles of glittering beaches and flower-lined streets in one of South America’s most sensual cities.