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Cultural, Authentic & Sustainable: This is your brain on travel. We showcase the essence of place, what's unique and original, and what locals cherish most about where they live. And we highlight places, practices, and people that are on the front lines of sustainable travel--travel that preserves places' essential uniqueness for future generations.

Our mission is rooted in what the National Geographic Society stands for: inspiring people to care about the planet. Traveler and Intelligent Travel also want you to experience and enjoy the planet. We want to help you journey with greater sensitivity to the impact your trip has on a place and its inhabitants.

Sometimes we celebrate, sometimes we criticize. But we always try to heighten awareness about what's really important about travel: finding great places, experiencing them fully, and leaving them no worse for your visit.

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Your Shot of the Month: Stars and Cars in Montana

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Want National Geographic to highlight your photograph? Join our Your Shot community and participate in upcoming hashtag challenges for a chance to appear in Traveler magazine and on Intelligent Travel.

Christmas in New York City

Nobody would fault you for heading to New York City in the spring when Central Park blooms big or, really, in any of the seasons—but to see the city in a full-on glittery Christmas frenzy, winter can’t be beat.

Solstice Magic: Ireland’s Newgrange

Renew your spirit when this prehistoric burial chamber in Ireland fills with light on the winter solstice.

Iceland’s Elf Obsession

Yes, elves. Fifty-four percent of Icelanders either believe in them or say it’s possible they exist. Here’s how to join in on the fun.

Nassau’s Biggest Party: Junkanoo

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“If you arrive early enough, you can speak to a group leader and join their troupe for the parade,” says Adrian Kelly, a Nassau resident. “Choose a smaller group so you don’t feel overwhelmed. You’ll soon pick up the moves—I’ve seen it done.”

Wonderland: London in Winter

Some cities close their doors when winter strikes and the weather makes sightseeing a frigid ordeal. Not London.

My City: Moscow Now

Seeing the Kremlin at night always enthralls me, even after my 22 years in Moscow. The vista of brick towers and crenellated ramparts, so magnificent as to appear unreal, calls to mind an illuminated print from an old book of fairy tales. My sighting of Russia’s most famous (or infamous) fortress comes as my cab…

The Pearl of the French Riviera

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Why is winter the best time to visit Menton, the “Pearl of France”? Reason No. 1: Carnival-like festivities celebrating the lemon—the beloved local fruit—when delightful citrus sculptures adorn this French Riviera resort town.

World Calendar: Must-Attend Events in December

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There are some amazing events on tap all over the world, all the time. Here’s a taste of what you can see and do in December.

Twitter Chat: Best Winter Trips

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and that means one thing: planning your holiday and winter travels. Get the scoop on the best places to visit this season—and weigh in with your own tips and plans—by joining @NatGeoTravel for our next Twitter chat, on Thursday, December 3.

My City: Mickey Rapkin’s L.A.

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I came to think of Los Angeles as the magic place—a city where beautiful people from our movie screens and television sets ran wild. Or at least ran errands. There was Marisa Tomei at the Echo Park Craft Fair on a Saturday morning. There was “Sulu” from the new Star Trek films weightlifting at my…

Mendoza’s Malbec Magic

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Mendoza lies in the heart of Argentina’s wine country, a vast, lush land of grapevines stretching into the shadows of the majestic Andes. Here’s why you should book your ticket there now, when wine harvest festivals are in full swing.