Jill Schneider


Jill Schneider teaches travel photography to high schoolers as a National Geographic Student Expeditions trip leader. See more of Jill’s work on Instagram @jillhsphotography and on her personal website.

How to Take Good Photos in Bad Weather

When you’ve traveled very far and weather conditions aren’t what you were expecting, you can’t pack up your camera and go home. As frustrating as bad weather can be, you can end up with images that are far more special than anything you could have captured had the weather been “good.” Here are five tips to get you started.

How to Be a Pro Tourist in San Francisco

As someone who was born, raised, and currently resides in San Francisco, I often take the city’s unique assets for granted. But when I was hired to take photographs for a guide book about my hometown, I learned to see San Francisco through new eyes: those of a tourist.

Letting Go in India

India isn’t for everyone. Control freaks and those lacking a sense of humor may want to sit this country out. I’ve traveled there several times, and each time I thought I’d hit my limit and was ready to pack it in and go home, something would happen that would make me change my mind.

The Best of Central Argentina

Whether you’re heading to central Argentina for romance, adventure, business, or complete cultural immersion, here are a few recommendations based on my personal experience.

For Women Who (Want to) Travel Alone

We’ve all heard about women who have gone missing or have been found dead while traveling alone. While these stories are unsettling and often tragic, I refuse to let them stop me from doing what I love.