Kayla Frost

Travel Tips from Touring Musicians

Touring musicians are road warriors. Traveling to a different city nearly every day, often in cramped vans or buses, they become adept at rolling with the punches, getting along with others, and making cultural connections (through their music and otherwise). That’s why they’re the perfect people to dole out tips to us travel dabblers.

Painting the Painted Desert

While the chance to experience the sacred elegance of Northern Arizona’s Painted Desert is well worth a detour from the nearby Grand Canyon, there’s another incentive to visit: street art.

Alaska’s Cat Mayor

When I arrived in Talkeetna, Alaska, Mayor Stubbs was lounging near a pile of Beanie Babies, fighting to keep his eyes open. His office, on the top floor of Nagley’s General Store, was filled with knickknacks and cages full of screeching green birds. A little girl with tumbling blonde pigtails leaned over Stubbs and whispered, “I can’t believe this is the mayor!”

Neither could I. A cat – as mayor!

Cracking the Curse of the Billy Goat

Imagine walking 2,000 miles in three months – that’s nearly the distance of a marathon each day – through hot deserts and sticky humidity, with horribly blistered feet, and heavy packs.

Then imagine enduring that with a stubborn goat.