Maryellen Kennedy Duckett

Maryellen Kennedy Duckett lives, writes, and drives the backroads in East Tennessee where she wakes up curious every day.

Get Outside in the U.S.A.

‘Tis the season to get outside. Frolic in the sunshine at these five open-air events across America.

Family Time: 5 Cool Places to Sleep

The family vacation, like the concept of family itself, has evolved. No matter who you’re traveling with, here are five intriguing and unusual places to lay your head that are bound to please everyone in your brood.

Great Family Trips: South Dakota

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The family vacation, like the concept of family itself, has evolved. Kids are traveling with grandma or a single parent or an indulgent uncle (or all three). However you define your kin, this Great Plains itinerary is all relative.

Last Blast: Civil War Swan Song

As the 150th anniversary of the Civil War draws to a close, head to these mid-Atlantic sites. They played a pivotal role in America’s deadliest conflict.

The Birthplace of Country: Bristol

When the Birthplace of Country Music opened in August of 2014, the Smithsonian-affiliated museum let the world in on a secret musicians have known for generations: The roots of American music run deep in Bristol, a onetime Appalachian railroad boomtown straddling the Tennessee-Virginia border.

How to Bike Like a Local in Copenhagen

In a city where more than half the residents commute by bike, cycling is a way to feel like a local. But before joining the estimated 40,000 cyclists who cross Queen Louise’s Bridge each day, review a few rules of the road. (And find out where you should stay and eat while you’re there, too.)