Molly McCluskey

Molly McCluskey is a full-time freelance journalist covering finance, culture, and travel for a variety of publications. Follow her on Twitter @MollyEMcCluskey.

SoCal’s Funky Napa

Step into any tasting room in downtown Santa Barbara, and you’ll know instantly: This isn’t Napa. While Northern California’s famous wine town has a reputation for aloofness and occasional haughtiness, Santa Barbara’s approach is distinctly SoCal.

How to Dodge the Schengen

Croatia, which became the 28th nation to join the EU on July 1, is on track to join the Schengen Area, the borderless zone within Europe. Most visitors don’t have to worry about overstaying their visa, Schengen or otherwise. But for those who count countries, and days spent in each, in anticipation of maxing out a 90-day stay, here’s how to extend your stay in Europe — legally.