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As National Geographic Travel's Digital Nomad, Robert Reid investigates the whys and hows of how we experience the world and encourages people to follow his lead by "traveling like travel writers."

What does this mean? Reid often uses his own hobbies and interests to build trip itineraries, research articles, and provide a framework for video storytelling. He's been to Mountie boot camp, followed Billy Joel's lyrics (literally), counted Siberian mustaches, and used a Monopoly board as a map to explore Atlantic City. While Lonely Planet's U.S. Travel Editor, Reid appeared regularly on television to discuss travel trends, and now lives--with messier hair—in Portland, Oregon.

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Are Museums Overrated?

Too often, we travelers let good old fashioned guilt seep into the decision-making process when we’re building our itineraries. Rather than following our inherent interests (canoes, Rococo, hockey), we let the expectations of friends and family–or what we’ve read in some magazine–serve as some proxy “travel conscience,” guiding us toward things we should or shouldn’t see.

Four Travel Resolutions You Can Keep

I get that we see New Year’s as a fresh start and all that, but are those life-changing resolutions such a good idea? Many people say no, and point to the failure rate of such promises–particularly the more pie-in-the-sky ones. Fortunately for us, travel resolutions are easier to keep–if you’re realistic about them. And though they might not take care of those love handles, they’re sure to make the next year of your life on Earth a lot more enjoyable.

Travel: The New Fountain of Youth

Travel may not take us to water that replenish our strength or smooth out our wrinkles, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a kind of “fountain of youth.” One way it works is by stretching time.

Are Bikes the New Tour Bus?

Many travelers opt for hop-on, hop-off tour buses to get a quick primer on a new place. As silly as it can look, and it does, it’s a useful way to get oriented when you’re visiting a destination for the first time. But there’s an alternative: biking.

The Benefit of No Expectations

My favorite travel film is probably “Yes Man,” a mostly forgettable 2008 film in which a troubled Jim Carrey vows to say “yes” to everything. What better travel lesson can a film possibly offer? Say “yes” as much as you can (even to two tickets to Cornhusker Central) — and go not with low expectations, but with no expectations.

The Ultimate Travel Destination: Home

I’ve been transcribing two boxes of travel journals I keep stashed under my desk. I’m far from finished, but a clear pattern has emerged. Wherever I was making my entry – geographically or mentally – one key part of the trip consistently escaped record: the return home.

The Secret to Remembering Travel

No matter how many journals I fill, photos I take, tweets I send, I find that oftentimes I “document” the wrong things.

On the Rails With Young Americans

“Everyone on this train has borderline Asperger’s,” a self-described “double dork” announces somewhere in America. It’s a joke. Except no one disagrees. The speaker is Travis Korte, a data scientist/policy analyst who resembles Christian Bale with gentler features. He’s talking about his fellow passengers — a group of 24 creative, enviably sharp, and decidedly quirky youngsters — and their rail journey across the U.S. with the Millennial Trains Project.

American Legend: Coast to Coast by Train

You don’t really know a train until you’ve slept on one. And I don’t mean a half-hour doze between Philly and Baltimore but the real deal: a bunk in a berth, a sliding door with a latch lock, and those WWII-style knobs to turn off your reading light. And when you’ve really settled into a…

London Paradise: Following the Kinks

The Beatles sang better, the Stones played better, and the Who had more flash, but I’ve always had a soft spot for the Kinks. Though they had to sit out most of the “British Invasion” due to an American ban, being tethered to London helped them become the most English of the bunch. So the last time I went back to London, I decided to let the Kinks’ lore and lyrics lead the way.

11 Music Venue Icons in the U.S.

After poring through hundreds of candidates in the U.S., here are 11 iconic venues where it’s more about the experience of being there, than who happens to be on stage.

Trailing David Bowie

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If a life can be art, why can’t travel? As we brace for a future without the musical genius that was David Bowie, what better way to celebrate the man who sang about space, fame, and modern love than by following in his footsteps? Here are four places to pay tribute to the musical genius.