I Heart My City: Janet’s Groningen

After years spent exploring the world, Irish travel blogger Janet Newenham found herself enrolling in a Master’s program at the University of Groningen in the northern Netherlands, and quickly fell in love with the place. Here are a few of her favorite things about Groningen.

I Heart My European Hometown: #PostcardProject

We asked our readers if the postcard was obsolete. The response was astounding. Seems the postcard isn’t the dying art we feared it was. Hundreds of rectangle-shaped missives have flooded into Nat Geo headquarters to put a point on that fact. Some were sent by travelers reporting in from the road. But the lion’s share were sent by people who just plain love where they live. Here’s a dash of travel inspiration from hometown-proud locals in cities across Europe.

Adventure 101: Rafting the Grand Canyon

Flowing 1,450 miles through the American West and northwest Mexico before ending at the Gulf of California, the Colorado River is the Southwest’s principal waterway. Its most scenic stretch cuts through—and helped shape—the Grand Canyon. Here’s what you need to know to plan your own epic rafting trip.

The Design Capital of the Netherlands

After being nearly wiped off the map by the Luftwaffe in World War II, Rotterdam bounced back with a creative confidence few European cities can match, even fellow design darling Copenhagen.

Old Landmarks, New Life in Classic New Orleans

A decade after Hurricane Katrina, a new energy radiates from the Crescent City. Yet old standbys continue to bring a welcome sense of continuity and tradition to the heart of New Orleans. Here’s a look at what’s changed for the better and what happily remains the same in three classic NOLA neighborhoods.

World Calendar: Must-Attend Events in September

There are some amazing events on tap all over the world, all the time. Here’s a taste of what you can see and do in September.

Why Tampere is Hottest When It’s Cold

Summer draws out Tampere locals for boating, swimming, and hiking, but winter may be the time to experience the Finnish city at its natural best.

I Heart My City: Marco’s Turin, Italy

For Marco Anfossi, travel is a mindset, a commitment to exploring wherever you are with the open eyes and curious heart of a dreamer, even if it happens to be the place where you were born. It helps when your hometown is as fascinating as his: Turin, Italy.

Finding the Hygge on Denmark’s West Coast

Ah, those inscrutable Danes—bold yet reserved, stylish yet unaffected, pragmatic yet mysterious in a steely Nordic way. Even their most cherished of holiday regions feels infused with bits of contradiction. We set off from Billund (the hometown of Lego—itself a genius paradox of simple design and wild creativity) on the Jutland Peninsula, then drive west toward the…

Reader Recs: World’s Best Hiking Trails

Eager to spend some time in the great outdoors? We asked our Nat Geo Travel Facebook fans to share their favorite trails, and their responses will have you lacing up your hiking boots before you know it. Don’t believe us? Read on.

The Roots of Johnny Cash

Homage and history harmonize at the singer’s home in the Arkansas Delta.

I Heart My Island: Aruba

Take a look at the island through Tisa LaSorte’s local lens.