Doing the Texas Shuffle

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More than a thousand dance halls once dotted Texas, most of them built by 19th-century German and Czech immigrants, but time has taken its toll. Urbanization, assimilation, and neglect have silenced all but 400 of these hubs, where jigs, jives, and waltzes once ruled. But, lucky for us, some of the Lone Star State’s dance halls are being preserved, two steps at a time.

I Heart My City: Kaley’s Sapporo

When the company Kaley Portier worked for asked her to move to Sapporo, on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido, she jumped at the chance. “The native Floridian in me was scared at the prospect of living in one of the snowiest places on Earth,” she says. “But this city showed me that the best things in life are those that you don’t expect.” Here are a few of Kaley’s favorite things about the city she’s proud to call home.

Going Greenville: South Carolina’s Rising Star

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A colleague described the sunny hills of the surrounding countryside as the Tuscany of the South. A news article heralded a plan for an elevated public transportation system made up of Jetsons-esque pods. Fast Company magazine dubbed Greenville “the knowledge economy’s next big thing.” I needed to see for myself what was happening.

Ring in the New Year in One of America’s Oldest Cities

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Ring in the New Year by reveling in the arts at North America’s oldest First Night fete.

World Calendar: Must-Attend Events in January

There are some amazing events on tap all over the world, all the time. Here’s a taste of what you can see and do in January.

I Heart My City: Doug’s Reno, Nevada

Avid traveler Doug Erwin loves the outstanding outdoor recreation opportunities, hip cultural scene, and economic vitality that have come to define his hometown, Reno, Nevada. Here are a few of his favorite things about the “Biggest Little City in the World.”

Resplendent: Quetzal Season in Costa Rica

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Trek through misty jungles and around active volcanoes in search of a brilliant, feathered Aztec god.

10 Reasons to Love Downtown Dallas

Fifteen years ago, the initial in Dallas’s nickname—the Big D—stood for “Deserted.” After 5 p.m., office workers fled the downtown made famous by J.R. Ewing and his oil-pumping clan, leaving nary a soul among its high rises and freeways. Today J.R.’s iconic Dallas Stetson rests in Downtown‘s Old Red Museum, while hundreds of restaurants and a sparkling array of cultural…

Checking in: Three New Caribbean Retreats

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Homey or historic, these new Caribbean lodgings pamper you with extras.

How to Rave it Up in Rio de Janeiro

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Winter in the Northern Hemisphere is a summer blessing in Rio de Janeiro, with its steamy Christmas and New Year’s, known as Réveillon, and the world’s most famous party, Carnival. Here’s how to celebrate in style amid miles of glittering beaches and flower-lined streets in one of South America’s most sensual cities.

Christmas in New York City

Nobody would fault you for heading to New York City in the spring when Central Park blooms big or, really, in any of the seasons—but to see the city in a full-on glittery Christmas frenzy, winter can’t be beat.

I Heart My City: Tshipidi’s Gaborone, Botswana

Tshipidi Ramaribana has lived in Gaborone, Botswana’s capital, all her life. Though she feels blessed for having been raised in such a lovely place, she also counts herself lucky to have been raised by parents who value travel. But no matter how many countries she visits, nothing excites her more than returning home. Here are a few of Tshipidi favorite things about her city.