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Boutique Hotels in Classic College Towns

The summer break is winding down, which only means one thing: School is back in session. From moving day to parents weekend, this roster of grade-A boutique hotels has you covered.

Trending: Private Nature Reserves

A notable thing is taking place around the globe: Communities and conservation entrepreneurs are creating private nature reserves, from coral lagoons in Asia to sanctuaries in the Americas.

Instant Connoisseur: Raw Oysters

Oysters improve water quality by acting as filters. And, when coupled with the fact that they lack central nervous systems, the bivalves pass the test for even the most ethically minded eaters. Need more incentive? Scientists say Casanova, who allegedly downed 50 a day, was right about that aphrodisiac thing.

Reader Recs: World’s Best Hiking Trails

Eager to spend some time in the great outdoors? We asked our Nat Geo Travel Facebook fans to share their favorite trails, and their responses will have you lacing up your hiking boots before you know it. Don’t believe us? Read on.

The Roots of Johnny Cash

Homage and history harmonize at the singer’s home in the Arkansas Delta.

I Heart My Island: Aruba

Take a look at the island through Tisa LaSorte’s local lens.

Travel Lens: Jim Gaffigan’s World

Sharing a two-bedroom apartment in NYC with his wife and five young kids, comedian Jim Gaffigan’s family life is the perfect fit for his semi-biographical TV Land sitcom. Despite his show, the comic still makes time to hit the stand-up circuit. Here’s a look at the world through Gaffigan’s unique lens.

I Heart My City: Lindsay’s Burlington

One visit to Burlington was enough to convince freelance journalist Lindsay Westley to trade Philadelphia’s skyscrapers and traffic for the mountains and lakes that typify Vermont’s largest city. Here are a few of Lindsay’s favorite things about the place she’s proud to call home.

The New Europe Decoder

From secluded beaches to hip café culture, enchanting Eastern Europe packs off-the-beaten-track experiences for travelers. Once locked behind the Iron Curtain, these five countries offer fresh takes on the Old World.

Transformed by Travel: Nine Stories

I asked nine lifelong travelers to share the most life-changing trips they’ve ever taken. Here’s what they had to say.

Overnighter: Baker City, Oregon

Tucked between the Elkhorn and Wallowa mountains in northeastern Oregon, Baker City found form during an 1860s gold rush. Today, its Main Street is home to a strip of recently opened brewpubs, boutiques, and eateries, most of which are run by converts from Portland, California, and New York. That outsider influence—and old-timers who welcome change, and want to be a part of it—make the town of 10,000 well worth an overnight stop.

Let’s Do the Time Warp Again

Fans of 1975’s ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ know Oakley Court as the phoneless castle where the overly lip-glossed Tim Curry thrilled Susan Sarandon in the cult B-movie musical. Forty years later, the Oakley Court Hotel in Windsor, England, is anything but chilling.