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Here’s Looking at You, Casablanca

Seventy years ago today, the first wave of filmgoers wept as the plane to Lisbon buzzed over (a fictional) Rick’s Café. Thanks to an intrepid former American diplomat, the iconic restaurant that set the scene for one of the most beloved Hollywood love stories of all time comes alive in Casablanca, serving up a taste of home for the nostalgic masses.

Travel Tech: iPhone Photography Tips

When veteran National Geographic photographer Cotton Coulson heads out on assignment he typically carries around several heavy DSLR cameras. But a new camera he’s recently added to his packing list is the iPhone. Cotton writes for Nat Geo Photography: Hired to produce some of the best photos in the world, Geographic photographers remain competitive, in…

Today’s Pic: In the Swing of Things

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Today’s otherworldly image is from the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark, one of the city’s main gathering spots, where fairground rides, a 20-acre garden, a pantomime theater, and a range of restaurants and cafés can be found. It was shot by Sisse Brimberg and Cotton Coulson for our 48 hours Copenhagen story in the current…