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Literary Landmark: Portobello Road

London’s most lovable bear, Paddington, is hitting big screens across the globe. To celebrate in England’s capital, retrace the teddy’s wellie-wearing footsteps to Portobello Market.

Dylan Thomas’s Wales

Few places meant more to the Welsh poet than Swansea, on Wales’s southwest coast. “This sea-town was my world,” he wrote of the “ugly lovely” place where he grew up and wrote the majority of his life’s work.

England’s Ultimate Cliff-Hanger: Dorset

If these cliffs look familiar, it’s because they brood over the key crime scene in the transatlantic TV hit Broadchurch. Rising as if ripped from Earth’s crust, the formation has always seemed positioned for dramatic effect. In fact, show creator Chris Chibnall calls the murder mystery a love letter to his home in West Dorset, a classic British seaside town served up in one of England’s most family-friendly settings.