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Old Is New Again in Athens

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The Caryatids, a clique of statuesque ladies that once supported the roof of the Acropolis’s Erechtheion, stand more beautiful than ever after a three-year makeover.

Living History in Athens

Any child who has taken basic world history classes knows about Athens and its indelible contribution to Western civilization. But studying a place and its heritage is far different from actually being there.

I Heart My City: Katherine’s Athens

Katherine LaGrave traveled to Greece with her family when she was young, then moved to Athens to teach English after finishing college. The things that drew her to Greece are the things that keep her coming back: the food, the beauty of the country, and the spirit of the people who live there. Here are a few of Katherine’s favorite things about one of the world’s oldest cities.

New Acropolis Museum and the Elgin Marbles

The New Acropolis Museum, a project that the New York Times called “one of the highest-profile cultural projects undertaken in Europe in this decade,” is celebrating its opening day on Saturday after years of planning and labor–33 years in all, eight since the design was chosen. The stunning modern building, designed by New York architect…

World Hum’s Seven Wonders

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IT reported on the New Seven Wonders of the World contest months ago—at least that’s our excuse for not covering the announcement of the winners on their clever declaration date: 07/07/07. We were a bit disappointed the Acropolis didn’t win a spot among the seven, but cheered a little on the inside when we saw…