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Tour Story

We’ve all witnessed groups of tourists following the raised voices and flags of tour guides as they make their way toward a row of awaiting buses. If a scene like this makes you vow never to be one of “those people,” you may want to avoid rushing to judgment. There are some very good reasons why “tour” isn’t always a four-letter word.

Being “Brave” in Scotland

Having just watched a sneak preview of the upcoming Pixar release Brave (which premieres tomorrow), I wondered if any movies are secretly inspiring kids to want to travel or see the places they see on the screen. Did The Lion King spur tourism to Africa? How about family tours to China — are they more popular after Kung Fu Panda?

Travels with the Mouse

Would you travel with Disney? More and more people are doing just that. Disney’s tour-outfitter arm, Adventures by Disney, which began a mere three years ago with six tours, focused mostly in the American West, has expanded to 17 separate itineraries, including China and Australia. Senior editor Norie Quintos, the magazine’s resident tour expert, recently…