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Wildlife biologist Patricia Owen has worked at Denali National Park for more than 25 years. Her specialty? Grizzlies and other charismatic megafauna. While overseeing the park’s wildlife management program to minimize human-wildlife conflicts through education, Pat gets up close and personal with all aspects of this majestic wilderness in the Alaskan interior. Spending time in the 9,492-square-mile…

Don’t let the cold temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere take the pep out of your travel step. The winter months can offer up some of the best travel opportunities, often at a lower price point—and you can always head south if you’re in need of some Vitamin D. Here are a dozen destinations to inspire you from our Nat Geo Travel Facebook fans.

Traveling at a young age can be a transformative experience that leads to a lifetime of wanderlust. To celebrate the power of travel (and perhaps inspire a few parents out there), we asked our @NatGeoTravel Facebook fans to tell us about trips that made a lasting impression on them during their early years.

Joel Sartore is, among other things, a lifelong Nebraskan, an Eagle Scout, and a veteran photographer for National Geographic magazine. He’s also someone who cares deeply about the fate of our planet, and the species that depend on it, including us. Here’s a look at the world and all that’s in it through Joel Sartore’s unique lens.

On the Trail in America

A scout’s salute to four great hiking and biking trails across the United States, and a look at how one of them is expanding.

Photographer, writer, and music industry publicist Anne Kristoff says living in Fairbanks, Alaska has made her stronger (“I can now say: 40 below? No problem.”). Here are a few of her favorite things about the “Golden Heart City.”

The Radar: The top travel news, stories, trends, and ideas from across the web. Got Radar? Follow us on Twitter @NatGeoTraveler and tag your favorite travel stories from the Web #ngtradar. Check back on the blog for our roundups.

The Radar: The top travel news, stories, trends, and ideas from across the web. Got Radar? Follow us on Twitter @NatGeoTraveler and tag your favorite travel stories from the Web #ngtradar. Check back on the blog for our roundups.

Alaska’s Cat Mayor

When I arrived in Talkeetna, Alaska, Mayor Stubbs was lounging near a pile of Beanie Babies, fighting to keep his eyes open. His office, on the top floor of Nagley’s General Store, was filled with knickknacks and cages full of screeching green birds. A little girl with tumbling blonde pigtails leaned over Stubbs and whispered, “I can’t believe this is the mayor!”

Neither could I. A cat – as mayor!

Family Road Tripping in Alaska

Immortalized (and lampooned) in the 1983 box office hit Vacation, summertime road trips have been an American family tradition for generations. Whether it’s the idea of spending quality time together, saving money on flights, visiting somewhere special, or a combination of all three, there’s something curiously romantic about loading up the car and hitting the…

Alaska’s Inside Passage: Part 2

If you plan on visiting Southeast Alaska and the Inside Passage, prepare to take either the “high road” by plane or “low road” by boat, since only the towns of Haines and Skagway have paved roads leading in from the outside.

Alaska’s Inside Passage

Whether you arrive on a cruise ship, ferryboat, or even seaplane, travelers to Alaska’s southeastern “panhandle” are rewarded with some of the world’s most extraordinary scenic beauty. Welcome to the Inside Passage.

Cruising Alaska

Our family of four has enjoyed cruising in the past, but our priority was to take in Alaska’s extraordinary scenery and abundant wildlife in the most intimate and authentic way possible – while still keeping the kids excited and engaged. So, after careful consideration, we decided that traveling the Southeast panhandle’s famous Inside Passage on a smaller ship was the best route for us.

Alaska Recos, Anyone?

Even in the age of travel aggregators and deep-discount websites, there are still times when some good old fashion human intervention is the best route.

Photos: Where You Went

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Our Facebook friends are always on the go. Here’s a taste of the places you and your fellow travelers have visited lately. If you haven’t found National Geographic Traveler on Facebook yet, please join us. Be sure to let us know where you’re off to each Friday, or just poke around for inspiration as you plan your next trip.

Mention the Smoky Mountains, especially Gatlinburg, Tenn., and bears are probably the first thing that you’ll hear about. Black bears, to be exact. The nearby Great Smoky Mountains National Park is one of the last remaining places in the eastern United States where they can be found in the wild. But this Tennessee tourist town, where images, wood…

Photos: Where You Went

Laissez les bons temps rouler! Our readers are always up to something interesting, somewhere interesting. That’s why we ask you the same question on Facebook every Friday: Where are you traveling this weekend? See photos of where you — or readers like you — went, and get inspired to plan your next trip. Want to share your…

Free to See: 20 U.S. Museums

These 20 top-notch museums—of art, fashion, dinosaurs, and more—are free to the public some or all of the time. What are you waiting for? Get a sneak peek of the list below, then find all 20 online.

The U.S. is filled with “it happened here” historic sites, and many have no admission fees. Get a sneak peek at our 20 favorite spots below, then find the complete list online. Plus, we want to hear from you. Tell us about a free historic site near you. Mesa Verde National Park Colorado It typically costs…

Photos: Where You Went

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We are always impressed by our community’s passion for travel and exploration. That’s why every Friday we ask you the same question on Facebook: Where are you traveling this weekend?

By Jenna Schnuer There’s a great and odd divide between those who favor cruises and those who don’t. All too often, there’s some serious snottiness that gets lobbed at cruise-goers by solo travelers. I find it strange to take issue with the way somebody else travels. (Though, don’t count me too nice: while I don’t…

By Jenna Schnuer A mood rescue was required. A week ago Wednesday, I moved to Alaska for the summer. On Thursday, a driver pulled a hit and run on my rental car. (It was parked. I wasn’t in it.) And, on Friday, I had some quality time with an Alaska State Trooper. Here’s how part…

By Jenna Schnuer Several years back, I interviewed author Gretchen Rubin about her then-upcoming book, The Happiness Project. While we were chatting, Rubin—a former editor-in-chief of the Yale Law Journal and clerk for Justice Sandra Day O’Connor (aka, she’s no dummy)—spoke about her concern that it’s become, basically, fashionable, for people to take pride in…

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Alaska is home to 23 national parks and received nearly 2.3 million visitors to these protected lands in 2010. Matador highlights five Alaska parks from the popular Denali to several lesser-known gems to help you choose your own adventure. [Matador] When you think of Paris, you likely think of long café lunches and leisurely strolls…

South Pacific in Alaska

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Floatplane?  — Check. Grizzlies catching fish? — Check. Calving glaciers? — Check. Opera? — Huh? On a list of quintessential Alaskan experiences, most people probably wouldn’t think of opera.  But did you know that Anchorage has an opera, and that opera was performed in Anchorage before the state of Alaska was founded? That’s right, Anchorage…