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What’s a UNESCO Intangible?

The Tower of Pisa. Machu Picchu. The Palace of Versailles. You know them as UNESCO World Heritage sites—places of such universal cultural value that the United Nations recognizes them. But what about the Mediterranean diet? The Peking opera? Portuguese fado?

Young and Hungry in Paris

Finally, the tide has turned for the Canal Saint-Martin district, and its rough edges have been smoothed out for picnics and promenades. “Like Shoreditch in London, or Williamsburg in New York, it’s where the new things are being created in Paris,” says business owner Mickael Benichou.

Pesto-Perfect Italy: Liguria

If there is one aroma that unifies Liguria—the region that arcs along Italy’s northwestern coast, joining France to Italy, Alps to sea—it’s Genovese basil.

The Best Gelato in Rome

On warm evenings, Rome’s locals stroll the cobblestoned streets, cones and cups in hand. About 2,000 gelaterias exist in Rome. Most use additives, thickeners, and synthetic flavors–yes, even those that call themselves artigianale (artisanal). Here’s where to get the good stuff.

The Neighborhood: Karaköy, Istanbul

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Long overlooked by tourists and developers because of a trifecta of fish stalls, hardware stores, and brothels, Karaköy these days is abuzz with newcomers, from galleries to top-notch restaurants, epitomizing a changing Istanbul, which has recently undergone episodes of isolated unrest.

Rome’s Hottest ‘Hood (Hint: It’s Not Vatican City)

Two millennia ago, gladiators, prostitutes, and politicians—Julius Caesar, for one—rubbed shoulders in a red-light district adjacent to the Forum and Colosseum. Now it’s a zone where something new is always opening, Italians gather for animated conversations outside overflowing wine bars, and young women in stilettos pick their way through cobblestoned streets.