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Tips for Road Tripping With Fido

Steinbeck had Charley. Dorothy had Toto. Heck, even Waldo had Woof for company as he ventured into the Land of Waldos. Real and fictional, canine traveling companions have a long and celebrated history. Here’s how to road trip with fido like a pro.

Books to Inspire the Ultimate American Road Trip

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Here are five books on wandering in America to inspire your next journey, big or small.

The Best of Intelligent Travel

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We publish new travel stories all the time on the Intelligent Travel blog network, but there are a few that really got your attention this year.

In case you missed them, here are the 13 most popular posts of 2013.

I Heart My City: Annie’s Tuscaloosa

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When Annie Agnone isn’t exploring “America by Night” as a Nat Geo Young Explorer, she’s pursuing a MFA in Creative Writing at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. In the spring of 2011, when her new hometown was hit hard by a tornado, Annie was impressed by how her neighbors came to each other’s aid. In addition to the generous local spirit on display, Annie has also become a fan of lubbers, palmetto bugs, boiled peanuts, pines, and big-leaf magnolia trees since moving to the home of the Crimson Tide. Here are a few of her (other) favorite things about living in Tuscaloosa.

How to: Find Bigfoot

Tyler Bounds, investigator with the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) and outdoor technician for Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot, shares his personal philosophy on ‘squatching — his raison d’yeti, if you will — as well as some tips for newcomers interested in going on their very own DIY expedition.

Desperately Seeking Sasquatch

This summer, I walked into the woods at night with a group of strangers and tried to find Bigfoot.


How to: Turn Your Car Into a Camper

We couldn’t afford to rent an RV. Towing a trailer would be ideal, but what if we needed to go on a rough road or up a steep mountain? And what about the gas mileage we’d be sacrificing for the extra comfort? The solution? We would turn our SUV into a camper.

Inside a Vegas Wedding Chapel

Someone is pounding on the door. It is the insistent pounding of someone who wants to get married, and wants to get married now…