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There’s no real way of describing the magical mystery that can be found at 606 South Elm Street in Greensboro, NC. Some call Elsewhere a “collective,” others a “playground.” Operations curator Valerie Wiseman calls it a “living museum.” But what kind of museum allows you to touch, play, build, nap, and create — and has a “ghost room”?

Dear friends, I’d never heard of Lynchburg. Lynchburg Lemonades – sure, but never the town. On a tip from a reader, I pulled in for a cup of coffee. And ended up being two hours late to Greensboro because of it.

“I’m available after bus duty, around 8:15ish.” That couldn’t be right. This was the man who had been voted TED Talks’ “most influential speaker” in 2011. The documentary about him and his project has been shown all over the world. Both the Secretary of Defense and the United Nations have brought him in to talk. And Bill Gates just opened for him at a conference – opened for him. He’s everywhere. John Hunter. Creator of the World Peace Game. And he’s still on bus duty at the local elementary school where he teaches?

Day 1: The Big Yellow Border

My list of things to do today is massive. I’m about to take off from D.C. on a 4,000-mile road trip across America in search of good will. But all I’m worried about is what to wear. Call it shallow, superficial, silly – but it’s the truth. See, I’ve been called to The Office of The Magazine with The Big Yellow Border. It’s capitalized because this is about as big as it gets for someone like me.

We’re sending one of our most popular bloggers out on the classic American road trip to uncover uncommon stories of everyday people who are bringing change to their own communities. Aric S. Queen = The Good Traveler, and the adventure begins on Monday, May 7th. Follow Aric’s journey on Intelligent Travel, Twitter @GoodTravelerNG and Instagram (@GoodTraveler) to get inspired, to be entertained, and to give him advice about what he should see and who he should meet as he blogs his way across the U.S.

Readers’ Rules of Packing

Last Friday’s “The 10 Rules of Packing” post got our readers (and our staffers) talking — on the blog, Facebook and Twitter — so we thought we’d publish a few additions to Aric S. Queen‘s original list. If you have anything to add (or beg to differ), toss in your two cents in the comments…

The 10 Rules of Packing

When you’ve spent more than a decade on the road, you get asked some pretty interesting questions. The one query I get most, though, is about packing: what to take, what to leave, where to put it. I’ve taken scads of trips, but every time I get back, I know I could have gone even lighter. Let’s save you some trouble and start with the basics of my lessons learned. Here are my 10 Rules of Packing. (Follow Aric’s adventures on The Good Traveler blog, and on Twitter @GoodTraveler.)