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Behind the Lens: Jim Richardson’s Dance with Scotland

Jim Richardson is a familiar name from the pages of both National Geographic Magazine and National Geographic Traveler. And if you’ve followed his career, you may have noticed his passion for Scotland (check out his newest piece, about the Inner Hebrides, in Traveler’s hot-off-the-press August/September 2012 issue). Traveler photo editor Krista Rossow interviewed Jim about photography and why Scotland remains his enduring travel muse. Here’s what he had to say.

Behind the Lens: Macduff Everton in Japan

Travel photographer Macduff Everton has been around the world to cover stories for National Geographic Traveler magazine. His most recent assignment took him to the island of Shikoku in Japan for a January/February feature story.  Photo editor Krista Rossow asked Macduff to tell us more about his experience while photographing the island. Krista Rossow: You…