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In more than 50 years of airplane travel I’ve logged hundreds of hours in airports. I note this as I sit, facing an unexpected and lengthy delay, in Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. My instinct is to spend as little time as possible here, yet these days I’m conflicted. This is no longer the drab place that 20 years ago offered travelers a handful of newsstands and fast-food joints. These days, Atlanta’s airport, joining many others around the world, is a little city with a broad range of diversions. Now the question is: Should I stay or should I go?

Caroline Eubanks has lived everywhere from Charleston to Sydney, but continually finds herself drawn back to her place of origin: Atlanta, Georgia. She shares her hometown pride on her blogs “Caroline in the City” and “This Is My South” and now she’s sharing some of her hard-won insider secrets with the Intelligent Travel community.

At the world-famous aquarium in Monterey (where Curious Traveler Shannon Switzer is passing through right about now), jellyfish are the star attractions. Varieties you never imagined existed float silently in tanks flooded in blue light. It’s spectacular. In Atlanta’s aquarium, it’s the whale sharks. You never expected to see these enormous creatures outside a TV documentary, yet there they are in front of you. And they’re amazing. Which one’s better? Or is there a better one out there? Tell us your opinion by leaving a comment!

Get your thrill on in New Zealand where a sense of adventure seems to be imprinted into the locals’ DNA. Try one of these five epic adventures in New Zealand, like heli-hiking or canyon swinging, to really get your adrenalin pumping. [Go Backpacking]

Atlanta is for Louvre-ers

Le Musée du Louvre? Ici? Oui! Thanks to a ongoing partnership between the Louvre and Atlanta’s High Museum of Art, you can view a selection of the Louvre’s masterpieces sans international airfares. The exhibit, titled “The Louvre and the Masterpiece,” is the third and final installment in a series of year-long exhibits on loan from…