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Three Cities Worth Celebrating

It’s a big year in city anniversaries around the world. Here are three metropolitan milestones worth celebrating.

Reader Recs: Bucket List 2015

A new year calls for new additions to travel to-do lists. To get inspired, we asked our Nat Geo Travel Facebook fans to share their picks for 2015’s must-visit destinations.

#StrangePlanet: Travel Trivia

Truth is stranger than fiction. Here are eight travel factoids to help prove it.

Event-o-Rama: 10 Must-Dos in August

There are some amazing events on tap all over the world, all the time. Here’s a taste of what you can see and do in August.

Gorgeous Video: ‘Tis the Season in Salzburg

Watch this short film by National Geographic photographer Bob Krist to get a taste of the sleepy alpine city of Salzburg during Advent season.

Cruising the Danube

Urban Insider Annie Fitzsimmons takes a river boat cruise down the Danube with her sweetie just in time for the holidays.

The Best Cake in Vienna

Urban Insider Annie Fitzsimmons highlights the best sweet treats in Vienna — including what may be the best cake in the world.

I Heart My City: Lea’s Vienna

Lea Hajner grew up in Vienna, Austria with the beautiful Schönbrunn Palace on her doorstep and parents who dragged her to museums and plays. But it took a trip around the world to truly appreciate what her home town has to offer. Now Lea makes her living working for tripwolf.com, an online and mobile travel…

Photos: Where You Went

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Our readers boast impressive travel résumés, which is why every Friday we ask you the same question on Facebook: Where are you traveling this weekend? See photos of where YOU went, and get inspired to plan your next trip. Photos by readers like you. Upload your favorite travel photos with a caption to Your Shot/Travel at ngm.com/yourshot. Tag all…

Behind the Lens: Catherine Karnow in Vienna

Nat Geo photographer, Catherine Karnow talks about shooting Vienna for the Nov/Dec issue of Traveler

Deals: Where to Sleep in Vienna

By Raphael Kadushin From the October issue of National Geographic Traveler magazine. Alstadt › Museum Quarter Staying at the 42-room Alstadt is like moving in with your rich, urbane uncle. The five-story, circa 1902 town house, anchored by a wrought iron central staircase and a serious collection of contemporary art (Warhol, et al), features an eclectic range…

Nonja, The Orangutan Photographer

There’s a new photographer in town, only the thing is, she doesn’t even know it. Nonja, a 33-year-old female orangutan at the Vienna Zoo at Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria, became an Internet sensation last week when her photographs of life inside her 750 square-meter (8,072 square-foot) enclosure started appearing on a Facebook page set…