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Great Family Trips: South Dakota

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The family vacation, like the concept of family itself, has evolved. Kids are traveling with grandma or a single parent or an indulgent uncle (or all three). However you define your kin, this Great Plains itinerary is all relative.

Where the Buffalo Roam: Dakotas Road Trip

The plains? Hardly. A solo drive through the Dakotas proves big on personality.

Geology Gone Wild in America’s National Parks

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America’s national parks are showcases of extraordinary geological phenomena. While some of them are famous, others are unsung, unexplained, or just plain strange. But, to be sure, all of them spur the imagination, helping us to appreciate the forces that have shaped the nation and its parks. Here are five of the most fascinating geological wonders you can find in America’s national parks.

Jenss Family Travels: Americana

This month, Rainer Jenss and his family started their trip around the world, and they’ll be sending us dispatches from the road over the course of the next year. Check back each week to keep up with the Jensses and see where they’re headed next. “Jeez Dad . . . It’s not Americana, it’s American!”…