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Saving India’s Big Cats

National Geographic Emerging Explorer Krithi Karanth may be diminutive, but her impact has been epic. Hear more about how this native daughter is revolutionizing India’s approach to wildlife conservation and get the inside scoop on her favorite place in the world–in her own words.

Photos: Where You Went

We are always impressed by our community’s passion for travel and exploration. That’s why every Friday we ask you the same question on Facebook: Where are you traveling this weekend? See photos of where you went. And be inspired to plan your next trip. Photos by readers like you. Upload your favorite travel photos with a caption…

I Heart My City: Arun’s Bangalore

Namaste, city-lovers! Arun Bhat writes to us from Bangalore, India, and tells us why his city is the best. Want to see your city on IT? Copy and paste our list of fill-in-the-blank questions into an e-mail, fill in your answers, and send your responses to IntelligentTravel@ngs.org. And if you’re still waiting for us to…